Squid Rings, NET WT. 3 lb.

SKU: 13613 | UPC: 829944015426 | Pack Size: 8/3 LB | L: 18 3/16 X W: 12 3/16 X H: 10 | Ti/Hi: 5X7 | NET WT. 3 lb. (1361g)

Transforming these unique and delicious sea creatures into dynamic salads, spicy sauces or tender breaded appetizers is simply a matter of knowing when to flash fry and when to slow cook for hours. Whichever way you’ll find our Squid products more than amazing every time.

Squid Rings

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Thawing Instructions

Thaw Great American Seafood Squid Rings under refrigeration immediately before use. Keep thawed Great American Seafood Squid Rings refrigerated and use within 1 to 2 days.


Squid, Salt

Country of Origin


Method of Production

Wild Caught

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