Tilapia Fillet, NET WT. 3 lb.

SKU: 14203 | UPC: 829944013194 | Pack Size: 10/3 LB | L: 18 3/16 X W: 12 3/16 X H: 11 3/4 | Ti/Hi: 8X6 | Skinless | Individually Vacuum Packed | NET WT. 3 lb. (1361g)

Tilapia is among the most popular forms of seafood consumed in the United States because of its nutritional benefits, flaky texture and cooking versatility. One taste of this flakey sweet fillet and you’ll see why it’s one of the bestselling seafood items worldwide.


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Thawing Instructions

Thaw Great American Seafood Tilapia Fillets under refrigeration immediately before use. Keep thawed Great American Seafood Tilapia Fillets refrigerated and use within 1 to 2 days.


Tilapia Fillet, Carbon Monoxide (CO treated for color retention).

Caution: May Contain Bones.

Country of Origin


Method of Production

Farm Raised

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